Secure Payment

Payments are payable in Bitcoin (BTC) ONLY

For instructions on how to set up a crypto currency account please click the link below


Please ensure that all payments made cover the cost of your order including shipping fees

(£8 UK/£20 International) and any Bitcoin transfer fees.
Failure to send the correct total or more will result in a payment error email being sent to you via our payment processor and delivery being delayed until resolved. Correct payment of the full amount owed will result in an automated payment confirmation email being sent to the email we hold on file for you. 
When sending funds please copy and paste the wallet address provided on your payment page and send funds in Bitcoin (BTC) ONLY!
This wallet address is unique to YOUR order and will notify us once we have received correct payment allowing us to pack and post your parcel.
Each time you order a new wallet address will be created so ensure to send to the relevant new address each time, failure to do so may result in a delay in your order being sent as we won’t be notified of your payment.
Each wallet address is valid for a maximum of 30 minutes. If you abandon your order please
restart the process and send to the new address created.
Once you have received your payment confirmation email no further contact or action is required.
For any questions please WhatsApp George on +447724344024
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